The Visa Processing for the Kingdom of Malaysia is different from other Middle East countries. The stepwise process for the recruitment in Malaysia is given below:

  • Employers provide us electronic-wakala (E-wakala) as well as 5 legal documents in specified format, after getting attestations from Chamber of Commerce & Foreign Affairs Ministry (MOFA) of Malaysia.
  • Selection of the candidates by the company representatives or by our own HR experts as per the demand.
  • Acquire the MOFA number of each candidate from the website of Malaysia Government (Global Welfare HR Solution has been authorized and provided with the username and the password to log on to the authorized Visa Application link :
  • After MOFA, candidates undergo Medical process to GAMCA Nepal & its accredited medical centers (Permitted/authorized by GCC Nations as well as Nepal Government). It takes about 3 working days to get medical reports.
  • Medical Fit Reports, Original Passports, E-Wakal & other related documents are submitted to Malaysia Embassy Consulate Section in Nepal for their visa endorsement. In near future Embassy of Malaysia will be residing in Nepal with its full operations. Then after visa applications will be made directly in Consulate Section of Malaysia Embassy in Nepal.